Why Free Trading Signals Don’t Work

  • Matt Hagemann
    Matt Hagemann

    Portfolio Manager

Free trading signals are of low quality by definition. They do not guarantee a profitable outcome because the incentives between signal providers and signal subscribers are not at all aligned.

I get a number of inquiries from potential members each week and a repeat question is some variant of “are your trading signals free?”. It puzzles me how people can possibly expect a profitable outcome from free trading signals.

What would happen if trading signals were free? Allow me to explain why they don’t work.

Free Signal Providers Don’t Care About You

You cannot expect to become consistently profitable with free trading signals. The reason is simple: A free trading signal provider is not incentivized to help you succeed. If a trade fails, the provider couldn’t care less about you. You get what you pay for.

Losing traders give up and eventually drop off, and signal providers would have to attract the next batch of freeloaders. That’s why you will frequently stumble upon day-trading ‘gurus’ on social media. They can reach a large audience and automate their leads that way.

You won’t find me promoting trading signals on social media. You only found me through Google because I’m pretty low-profile.

I worked extremely hard for several years to become profitable myself and built a trend following trading system with multiple components working together in harmony.

The consequence is that my trading signals are reliable and help traders succeed in becoming profitable within just a few trades (often instantly). Losses are a part of the game, but if you copy my system’s trades long enough, you will succeed.

Traders Don’t Commit to Free Trading Signals

Another reason why free trading signals don’t work is that freeloaders are not committed to their own success. They are just exploring options and are unwilling to spend a dime. Such people are fickle. They are not the audience I want to cater to.

I ran a chat group before where I shared my trades and my analysis for free. I would tell them where and when to place a trade, backed by annotated charts for reference. Do you know what happened there? Nothing.

Traders don’t commit to anything if things are free. They chat me up if they find some time after work and complain how they wished they had taken that trade. “Oh well, next time maybe”. Maybe? Do you understand how frustrating that is? It’s no wonder why these people are not profitable. They simply haven’t set their mind for success and don’t listen to people who are already successful.

Traders who come to me and pay a regular fee will commit. Their mindset is already geared toward success. In exchange, they can be sure that I will guide them throughout the trading session and that they gain the confidence to copy trading signals one-on-one.

Membership fees filter out fickle people. They won’t make me rich, but they do save me a ton of time dealing with nonsensical people.

Copying our trading signals is easy. We send you live notifications for when to buy or sell the E-mini Nasdaq-100. Write to us if you want to know more about out how NQ Signal could solve your trading challenges.

Author Bio
Matt Hagemann
Matt Hagemann

Portfolio Manager

Matt is the founder of NQ Signal. As a former Securities Analyst, he was bored juggling with Excel sheets and secretly reverse-engineered when the “big boys” buy and sell. Now anyone can succeed financially with the trading signals shared here.

Published September 14th 2021

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