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The best Nasdaq signals for trading profits on autopilot.

Copy live Nasdaq signals and make $6,000* per month stress-free.

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Popular trading myths are circulating around Nasdaq signals.

Myth #1

“You can’t time the market” 🤷

The Nasdaq-100 index is always trending, be it up or down. It is possible to identify where it reverses because we monitor relevant indicators.

Myth #2

“Trading is too stressful” 🤯

We don’t day-trade the Nasdaq-100 and don’t stare at charts all day long. We hold a trade for weeks, even months, and make profits on autopilot.

Myth #3

“Shorting is risky” 🤦‍♀️

Technology investors use Nasdaq-100 futures to hedge risks during a bear market. This is a superpower when used responsibly — and that’s what we do.

What if you could beat the market anytime?

Say goodbye to stressful trading. Become consistently profitable with the best Nasdaq signals you can find online. Our trading signals tell you when to buy or sell.

$74,000 per NQ
1 : 3.00

Trusted signal provider with a proven track-record

Go about your life with the peace of mind that a seasoned futures trader with years of industry experience has got you covered. We send you Nasdaq-100 signals — live.

The Supersymmetry™ trading system is entirely rule-based that takes human emotion out of trading.

Hey! I’m the engineer of this trading system. While working as a Securities Analyst, I got bored juggling with Excel sheets and secretly reverse engineered where most of the “big boys” at Wall Street buy and sell. I made $341,464 in 2021 trading futures.

I started sending signals to a few beta testers, and launched them publicly upon popular request. I will help you grow a small fortune.

Matt Hagemann

Matt Hagemann


Made for Tech-Heavy Portfolios

Technology investors love our Nasdaq signals.


Low margin requirements

Futures contracts require little margin. Open a long or short position without liquidating your tech stocks, and amplify your portfolio’s performance instantly.


Magnify bull markets

Some of your tech stocks may not perform as well as the Nasdaq-100 index itself. With a long position in Nasdaq-100 futures, you participate 1-on-1 during bull markets.


Hedge bear markets

Protect your portfolio during downtrends with a short position. Nasdaq-100 futures settle daily which means that you can reinvest profits back into tech stocks at low prices.

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“You actually made futures trading profitable for me. I would much prefer if you were the best kept secret in the industry.”

— Desmond

Management Consultant

Who are the Nasdaq trading signals for?

Technology investors

The E-mini Nasdaq-100 (NQ) is the perfect instrument for hedging a tech-heavy portfolio. With our trading signals, you will amplify your portfolio’s return (long) and protect it against downturns (short).

Futures contracts settle daily which means that cash balances are available immediately and you can re-invest in your technology stocks at market bottoms.

Working professionals

Trading while working full-time is possible. Our live trading signals contain timely instructions once you need to take action. They are concise and easy to copy on your own trading account.

Depending on the number of contracts you trade, you can easily replace your salary and leave the workforce when you wish.

Futures traders

If you have experience trading futures but were ill-advised by day-trading “gurus”, you’ve found the right place. Our trading signals are for traders looking for an alternative to the day-trading mantra.

We trade big trends that last weeks to months and ride them from beginning till end. Passive income at its best.

Newbie traders

Even if you don’t have much trading experience, you are explicitly welcome. You will get an invitation to join our Discord server where you get to learn with other members throughout the trading day.

This alone is worth every penny because you gain hands-on knowledge and confidence in copying the signals.


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